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QuasiFractal Compositions

The following unedited sample compositions were generated using QuasiFractal Composer. Each of these is based on one of just two selected quasifractal structures, but all the compositions for each structure use different parameter mappings and orchestration:

piano & orchestra
Structure #1        
  variation #1  piano1.mid  orch1.mid  full1.mid  ensem1.mid
  variation #2  piano2.mid  orch2.mid  full2.mid  ensem2.mid
  variation #3  piano3.mid  orch3.mid  full3.mid  ensem3.mid
  variation #4  piano4.mid  orch4.mid  full4.mid  ensem4.mid
Structure #2        
  variation #1  piano5.mid  orch5.mid  full5.mid  ensem5.mid
  variation #2  piano6.mid  orch6.mid  full6.mid  ensem6.mid
  variation #3  piano7.mid  orch7.mid  full7.mid  ensem7.mid

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