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QuasiFractal Composer Users Gallery

There is no joy in music that isn't shared. Feel free to contribute to this page. Just e-mail your works to:

Compositions are listed chronologically, starting with the most recent.

 Title (& MIDI file)  Composer (& link)
 Piano & Orchestra #1  Paul Whalley
 Piano & Orchestra #2  Paul Whalley
 Piano & Orchestra #3  Paul Whalley
 Magnum Opus  Bob Van Belle
 Orpheo1p  Bob Van Belle
 Song3  John Close
 Moment  John Close
 Glatter  John Close
 Concert 1  Panayotis Kritidis
 Latinoid 1  Panayotis Kritidis
 Latinoid 2  Panayotis Kritidis
 Latinoid 3  Panayotis Kritidis
 Sparky  John Close
 Passing  John Close
 Gospel  John Close
 Chaud 2  Cynique
 In Country  Cynique
 Marathon  Bob Van Belle
 Chaos Choir  Cynique
 Nonstop  John Close
 QFCZ  Phil Jackson
 QuasiFractal Weather Report  Phil Jackson
 My Monk  Bob Van Belle
 Doggz  John Close
 Lupus_I  Paul Swennenhuis

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